Conscious: Leadership for an Awake World

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When we started our first business, reinvention® in 1999, we believed that individual change was the key to business change. People were ready to hear the message that their own level of consciousness was the place to start. Our business purpose was “to cultivate consciousness”and it remains the same to this day. We are passionate about “waking up the world” with a deep awareness of self, of the complex living systems within which we operate, and of the powerful impact that our simple actions can have on others and the world.

By 2001 we had created a unique “breakthrough” program called Conscious Leadership. It was Australia’s first mindfulness-based leadership program and the first to translate emerging neuroscience findings into practical principles that have, over the last 2 decades, changed the way leaders are expected to think, behave, and engage.

Since launching the Conscious Leadership Program in Australia, it has remained primarily a tailored in-house program, ensuring it was always integrated into the particular needs of the host organisation. The program has transformed the lives of more than 1,000 leaders, not just because it is guaranteed to inspire leaders to think differently about their role, but because it triggers deep reflection about their lives. We have regularly refined, adapted and improved the program to ensure it is not only current, but that it draws leaders beyond business-as-usual leadership paradigms and into a zone where they understand and can genuinely activate the true leverage points for business success.

Now for the big news!!

As the new sciences continue to reveal important findings that prove it is your own thinking, your own focus, and your own energy that defines your path, so too our Conscious Leadership Program has evolved. We are on the cusp of launching this next evolution in deep and powerful leadership based on new and emerging sciences, that will help you to wake up, think differently and grow.


Conscious Leadership Elevate

When: Wednesday 30 & Thursday 31 October 2019

Where: Brisbane CBD

Who: Those who have previously completed a leadership program with us.