The course is life-changing and very insightful, and is applicable to all areas of life. It gives you knowledge and skills to be able to lead people in difficult times with confidence and respect. I feel invigorated to be a better leader.
— past participant

The first mindfulness based leadership program in Australia.

Changing the business, culture and personal lives of thousands of leaders for over 16 years.

The current business world is characterised by unpredictability, complexity, fast-paced change and disruption.  This environment requires a new style of leadership, one that favours collaboration, care, intuition and present moment awareness.

In this two day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why your mindset is key to business success, and how you can cultivate the right approach for your particular environment

  • The practical skill of mindfulness, and how to overcome distractions so you can focus on the things that matters most

  • The neuroscience of engagement and change, and how you can switch people on so they bring their best to every situation

  • How to lead with purpose and energy, and positively engage staff and customers

  • The habits you need to let go of to thrive in the new business environment

 This program is offered as a tailored in-house program, and regularly as a public program. We are currently developing our 2019 schedule. Please contact us to find out more and request information for your organisation.