Mind Gardener retreat
Apr 22

Mind Gardener retreat

  • Currumbin Beach

This 3 night retreat at beautiful Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast will help to step up to the next level - whether that's in business or your personal life.  You'll learn how to identify and let go of the obstacles that are holding you back and how to tap into your full potential. Find out more here and apply to book your place here.

Women Communicating with Influence
9:15 am09:15

Women Communicating with Influence

  • Spicers Balfour

Right now the world needs the strengths you bring to the table as a woman.  But many women find it hard to speak their truth particularly in environments where "their way" is not encouraged.  It's time to learn a new way and bring your full gifts to the world!

This session will help you to develop communication strategies that ensure your perspective is heard and understood. In this session you will uncover the blockages that might be holding you back from communicating clearly and assertively, and tips for communicating with confidence and impact to exert real influence in meetings and discussions.

In this session we will explore the skills and tools behind:

  • getting your voice heard in a loud and distracted environment.
  • having difficult conversations, 
  • asking the right questions,
  • courage, discomfort and the blockers to speaking the truth,
  • making sure your communication has impact.

You will also have a chance to practice your new found skills!

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The Listening Lab
1:00 pm13:00

The Listening Lab

  • Casey Cardinia Business Hub

The American Advertising Association estimates that consumers receive 3000 marketing messages per day. Neurologists studying this phenomenon have found people are overwhelmed, easily distracted and ‘shutting down’. In this noisy and fast-paced world, the ability to listen with focus and clarity has become the must-have skill.

In this half day workshop participants will gain practical skills to:

  • Stay focused and clear-minded in the face of distractions
  • Adapt their listening style to meet different needs
  • Boost their comprehension and decision-making capabilities 
  • Achieve cut-through with their messages

This is a sponsored workshop open to the public, so your place is free!

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An Introduction to Conscious Leadership
Mar 22

An Introduction to Conscious Leadership

  • Spicers Balfour

Award winning leadership program offered to the public for the first time!  In this two day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why your mindset is key to business success, and how you can cultivate the right approach
  • The practical skill of mindfulness, and how to overcome distractions so you can focus on the things that matters most
  • The neuroscience of engagement and change, and how you can switch people on so they bring their best to every situation
  • How to lead with purpose, and positively engage staff and customers
  •  The habits you need to let go of to thrive in the new business environment

More information can be found here, and you can secure your place here

The Practical Art of Surrender
9:15 am09:15

The Practical Art of Surrender

  • Spicers Balfour Brisbane

In this practical one day workshop you will learn:

  • the practical skills of surrendering - how to turn an aspiration into some real steps
  • mindfulness techniques that will support this process
  • how to let go of control in a way that is friendly to your brain!
  • an insight into the leverage points that support surrender - your inner purpose
  • Some daily rituals that will guide you

More information can be found here, and you can secure your place now here.