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Gold Coast Symposium - QLD Law Society

Resilience and focus

Presenter: Susan Pearse, Mind Gardener

The average person spends nearly half their time 'mind wandering', doing one thing but thinking about something else. This skyrockets to 60% when they are at work!  Attention spans have shrunk, distraction is growing, and the simple act of paying attention is being lost.  A leader with resilience and focus can significantly boost performance, productivity, engagement and relationships in their workplace.

This session will change the very relationship you have with distractions, busyness, and the overwhelm of modern business life.  You will leave with practical skills for:

•           taming a busy mind

•           dealing with stress and overwhelm

•           focusing on the right things in a busy work environment.

With a renewed sense of control over your choices, your time and your energy, you’ll be able to use these skills to transform business productivity.