Find your Energy, Clarity and Confidence

In this workshop we’ll explore the conditions that cause “stuckness”, the feeling that you have more to give but just cannot seem to find momentum.

If you’ve got great ideas to try, something worthwhile to say, a change you want to make, or more meaningful results you aspire to achieve, this workshop will help you to release what holds you back, and create the space and the motivation to move forward.

What we’ll cover

  1. Understand more about the sources of stuckness and how they arise; things such as habit and doubt, distraction and busyness, fear and uncertainty, and how they deplete your energy and confidence. 

  2. Walk away with a set of practical tools based on new and emerging sciences that address stuckness in your body and your brain, and a formula for creating the new conditions of lightness, clarity and space. 

  3. Gain insight into your personal energy sources, a clear diagnosis of your thinking patterns, deeper body awareness, and simple triggers to regularly unblock and refocus yourself.

The workshop will help you rediscover unstoppable energy, clarity and confidence so you can:

  • Direct your focus to the things that matter most 

  • Boost and maintain your energy in positive ways

  • Bring your strengths to the table in any situation

  • Trust and use your intuition as a practical tool

  • Make decisions with conviction and enthusiasm

  • Turn fear and doubt into motivation and inspiration

  • Find your voice and speak your truth

  • Lead with purpose and create meaning for others

  • Think differently, embrace change and be authentic

  • Live with a sense of flow, satisfaction and joy

Who should attend

This workshop is for those who want to realise their potential: as a leader, as an influencer, as a creator, as a business owner, or as an inspiration to others. No matter what your field, if there’s a deeper layer of potential you want to unearth and bring more fully into being, you’ll find the momentum here.

What’s included

Your place at this workshop also includes:

1.   Your own Unstuck Plan, created during the workshop

2.   A book by the Authors

3.   6 weeks of Unstuck follow-up materials to maintain your momentum

4.   One personal coaching session within 4 weeks of completing the workshop (valued at $500)

Arrival coffee and lunch will be provided

workshop details

Date: Wednesday 30th October (Sorry, it’s sold out!)

This workshop will be lead by Martina Sheehan. Find out more by contacting us now.