About Martina Sheehan


It all started when...

Martina has a diverse background spanning engineering, human resource management, and organisational change.  Qualifying as a mechanical engineer in 1989, she joined a large infrastructure organisation and worked her way into a senior executive role at a young age. She gained deep insights into leadership and the challenges of complexity and change in the 21st Century, which motivated her to set up the business Reinvention® with co-founder Susan Pearse in 2001. They developed the award-winning program called Conscious Leadership, which was Australia's first mindfulness-based leadership program. They continue to deliver this program to businesses across Australia.

Martina is often asked to speak at events and conferences where new thinking on organisations, leadership and the mind are being explored. She has been exposed to many industries as a consultant and advisor, and has built a reputation for “thinking differently” about how an organisation can achieve success. In particular she is known for guiding people to rediscover the clarity and insight that emerges from deep self-awareness, the capacity for reflection, and the discipline to pay attention to the things that matter most.

Martina & Susan have co-authored 3 books that translate emerging brain science into practical techniques for leading better and living more fully. They are currently writing their fourth book!

As the co-Author of 'One Moment Please: It's Time to Pay Attention' Martina will take us through how 'Attention' has become one of the most threatened resources on the planet and how attention spans have shrunk, distractions are growing, and attention is being stolen from the things that matter most.